Saturday, May 19, 2012

M&M Catering

     Back when I first started working at Industrial Electronics, I met my good friend Joey.  He told me about M&M, and about its complete awesomeness.  I nodded and smiled, because I am not a huge fanatic when it comes to BBQ.  But lo and behold, my wife finds an online deal for $20 worth of food from M&M, so off I go.

     Looking over the menu, I first notice the variety in which a person can order food.  Want a dinner special?  No problem!  A sampler?  Piece of cake! (Seriously, they have desserts.)  Want to buy a pulled meat product of your choice by the pound?  Easy peasy!  They even cater to large parties.  If you want it a certain way, they can most likely help you out.

     So, we decide to get two pounds of pulled chicken.  Since the sauce comes on the side, we figured that any leftovers can be used to make a new dinner tomorrow.  (We had Chicken Alfredo the next day.)  After taxes, I only paid a buck or so.  So far so good.

    It......was.......AMAZING!!!!   We ordered a sweet sauce since we have young kids, and everyone loved it.  I made the mistake of sneaking a piece of "unsauced" chicken, and then couldn't stop.  No sauce, little sauce, nothing but sauce, it doesn't matter.  The flavor was just plain superior to any BBQ I have had previously.

     We now get M&M twice a month.  For $20, I feed my family of seven, and have a decent amount of leftovers, which stretched the food budget a little longer.  The family gets to eat out, which is a special occasion for us all, but mostly for my wife Elizabeth, who I am glad to give a break from cooking dinner.

     Would I eat here again without a coupon?  I would, and currently do.  Thanks for reading!

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